artist: Lunatik Sound System
title: Music For Closed Eyes Something DGT Series 51
external: Online Shop


It's time again to close your eyes, open your mind and join Lunatik Sound System on a new expansive journey through colorful drones of wonderful nebulous areas.
The next and latest ambient report from well hidden places is taking place on Something and will become a friendly attender through nights of calm beauty and laid-back open minded chills. This sound architecture and transfer from floating imaginative grounds into music, has been created within deep nocturnal sound sessions and reflects a state of peace in mind that re-hums out of your speakers straight into those moments of lovely adventurous gain. It's like zooming-in, timeless and weightless with zero G, into a nightsky full of million lights and maybe beyond once apparent horizons. Travelling faster then lightspeed. Indefinitely into a heartful silence. From first touch to far-out end. LSS is constantly triggering your inner cosmic receptors with a deep joyful matter. Stephan Laubner's new ambient album on Something is awaiting the check-in at your homesome devices and wants to retranslate nicely in unknown likeminded worlds. Lunatik Sound System's Music For Closed Eyes is ready now to lift-off, tripping & land on your homeplanet with the best intentions. Now enjoy & have a good and meaningful journey!
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