artist: Lunatik Sound System
title: The Grand Chill Something DGT Series 56
external: online shop


Lunatik Sound System returns with a new album and is calling all recipient like-minded people. So hello again, turn on your receptors and open your ears! Please dive into these ambient and quiet yet exciting drone music with a free mind. Bioluminescent sounds are waiting patiently to transmit deep inner sonic waves into the air, ready to share something from the many unseen and unheard mysteries out there. On nearly 2 hours and 40 minutes, LSS is maneuvering the whole weighty thing on peaceful, emotional and crazy beautiful paths through the listeners senses and beyond sensory fields, straight into the damn elusive universe. With all the grand skylark and joy this album has been produced, it's still unmistakably unharried, extensive and full of wondrous haze. The Grand Chill was made in nocturnal lunatik modes under the mottled starlight and after midnight's opened wickets. Stephan Laubner's new Lunatik Sound System disclosure comes full of mad features and is the next act in a series of killerious albums, ready to be heard by anybody always desiring fresh and underground remaining stories. Something DGT Series 56 is again destined for two 80 minutes discs, or your personal to deep adjusted folders. All parameters are set to on. Stop the talking and get into the chill. Bon voyage!
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