artist: STL
title: Rawsome Bitz Something DGT Series 57
external: online shop


Turn up the volume and get ready for the next STL beat-flavored release on Something. Rawsome Bitz are taking control over your senses and will maneuver living beings through a trip between dark shivering joy and good mood music experiences, including always a certain foundation of that deep s-touch. What will re-echo out of your speakers, is the result and interaction between abusing physical music-gear and a life for sound, mostly executed at twilight straits and in soulkissed jam sessions, created within those damn diy dusk-to-dawn curfews. All eight pieces are projected full colored, dirty raw and are beautiful for your bionic listening sessions, as well as for playing it at your late night gatherings whenever right moments fortunately are liking to surface. Something DGT Series 57 by Stephan Laubner has joined forces between house and techno grooves and musically residing floor friendly uncommon matter. Put on your dancing boots. Activate your inner circuitries. STL's new album is here to disrupt normal courses and is ready to shake the bad dulled times. Now bite into these Rawsome Bitz and taste the unmistakably smack of deep underground to illuminative bettertime joyful electronic music. Please get ready for your out-of-the-ordinary midnight snack, let these tracks of funky tentacleing goodness embrace your emotions everywhere. It's time to vibrate your moments again, enjoy the music and happy listening!
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