artist: Lunatik Sound System
title: Deepscapes Something DGT Series 58
external:  online shop


Deepscapes a term to describe the art here to descent into droney soundscapes in multiple sessions and late-night sound sinkings, always chilling with the mind's sweet spots and nocturnal sense complied hums. The way this new LSS album was created, was never mapped, yet all tracks were still made with a scientific and outta space approach and a current to deep set being. Lunatik Sound System adjustments, like always, are done completely diy and are coming from physical machines and from cambering the heck out of them. Always trying to find the equal joint between keeping the experimental and shifting boundaries into human understanding & translation without to seize and fix something into determination.
Most of those sound-rattles are coming from a self-composed modular synth setup, plus some trusted hardware synth additions and effect boxes. Nothing but self patched and cable-past-thought. The aim was a voyage of scopes and a trip into rumbling depths. Stephan Laubner's new LSS album is maybe the attempt to take sound-photos and to capture moments in time spend with deep imaginated worlds of artificial yet natural feeling soundscapes, with the intention to illustrate and bring elsewhere-imagination into existence. Use it as a background sweetener, meditation helper or night goggling attender. Whatever way you find for your personal enjoyment, this is probably not the common or usual stuff you will hear on the next average contemporary radiostation. Rather while joining this, it could be a beginning of plenty of untraced and unprecedented new moments. Enjoy, over and out!
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