artist: STL
title: Invisibility EP Something Vinyl Series 04
status: sold out

This LP starts with a moody deep house track called "birdart" which contains some fieldrecording in the background, the migration of birds flying to the south before the winter comes. The drunken bassdrum groove together with jazzy hihat and percussion patterns, the deep hypnotic melody, the bassline and the driving snare on top, can turn things into very special moments. Mad stuff happens on the end of site a when the sometimes rhythmically broken loops and a downtemo track hits your ear. The magic minimal track "secret place" is an early STL production from around 1995 with lots of details. It sounds like it can take you away to a somehow enchanted place when listening at the right time. At the end of this 12" there is a bit freaky lofi techy chicago flavoured tune which moves your feet and makes you dance. Another very personal something production that hopefully will find it´s way into your recordbag.
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