artist: STL / Synthonic Matter
title: Homespun Remedies Something Vinyl Series 16
price: 9 euro

Stephan`s latest Something Vinyl Series includes the mighty deep jacking STL business as well as experimental home listening adventures under his Synthonic Matter project. Again a very personal feeling snapshot of someone´s life, transformed into sound and groove. Still With Us deals with the listeners inside emotions, since it is original meant about love and loss. Snapmode can do such weird things to you just like the title promises, while the Synthonic Matter track gets you in a one-man listening situation full of crazy happenings and creative power. But each being for it´s own and so you surely will find something personal for yourself on this record. A release which is hard to preview in short listening files, because of it´s extended playing time and variations in style. You´ll have to invite this vinyl to take a spin on your turntable. Homespun Remedies has not the intention to follow some kind of hype, trend or secret links. It´s just a honest reflection of living moments captured in music and sound waves to make your time vibrating, pleasant and emotional. Use your ears and enjoy!
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