artist: STL
title: When The Time Has Come Something Vinyl Series 18
price: 9 euro

Music is about passion, not competition. In this spirit the Something vinyl series continues again with another STL record in his diy do-what-you-wanna-do style, including 3 house tracks aswell as a astro-science thrilling farspace interlude and loop introductions. The ascetic elements on this ep are the result of an isolated one man musical universe, where the love and passion for sound research is perhaps the strongest driving force behind the machines output. A bit of squelchy mircowave-acid, some sunny analog sequences and someting that seems to come out of a lovely b-movie track, where humanoids moving death proof onto the dancefloor feeling addicted to the groove. Something 18 is probably that kind of vinyl which can be enjoyed the most when the time has come to loose yourself and let things flow into the positive. This 12" comes in limited quantities of 500 copies and is dedicated to all believers of the something vibe.
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