artist: STL
title: Good Vaporations Something Vinyl Series 19
price: 9 euro

Something new has arrived on top of the vinyl series. Stephan Laubner slams out kinetic grooves and deep raw house madness in full analog sounding beauty. Like on almost any STL production, the liquid spark on good vaporations is his warm, raw and dirty signature, peaking out at thrilling song moments and sudden bliss. Listening to it in personal situations, can result in bending spacetime while your head keeps knocking and your feet keeps tapping. The inhabitant force on each piece is coming from hardware based tone generators, navigated in atomized tracks and patterns, all executed at someone´s headquarter with full love and passion. Beamed from a far away galaxy this LP is waiting now for your approval to land on your decks to take a spin. Four tracks and two bonus loops in typical STL manner which comes on a lovely 12" with a limited run of 500 double sided covers. Go and get one !
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