artist: STL
title: Cosmic Fluke Something Vinyl Series 22
price: 9 euro

The STL project continues on another dope Something Vinyl pressing that will take care for shaking bodies and overt minds in order to feed you with stellar emotions and the need for moving your bodily parts. This cosmic transmission comes in a typical STL manner with dirty raw cruising beats and infectious scoring synth activities, ranging from freaky danceabilities to more relaxed and groovy house coolness in all maniac beauty. Something for your heart and bones. Almost certainly your turntable will deeply appreciate it when you drop this lovely and honest 12". Friends and fellows of Stephan's Lo-fi driven sound will get another groovy vinyl, which comes limited in a nice printed inner sleeve package. As always it is dedicated to like minded friendly people and believers of the Something vibe. The STL spirit continues on number 22 of the vinyl series and is waiting patiently to delight and rock your house. Now grab yourself a copy aslong as you can!
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