artist: STL
title: Sound Transmission Something Vinyl Series 26
price: 9 euro

The latest Sound Transmission from Stephan Laubner under his STL project alias comes in shape of a 12" vinyl for likeminded people who are interested in the d-i-y sound research of the Something records audio sense facility. All Music has been recorded in analog mode without any computersequencing in real time. The technical support and programmed tones are coming out of currently favourite outboard equipment like the Pc3k, Orla dse24, K5000 to name a bit of equipment, and from the vast library of STL drum sounds that has been created in the past years. The music vibes are settled somewhere between late-night druggy grooved house feelings as well as vintage touched gravity-free tunes, that should be seen as positive proof that music hasn't to be an always too serious matter. It's sometimes like seeing those blurry pictures in front of your mind's eye shortly before falling down into sleep. Something Vinyl Series 26 can be a nice rescuing escape from harsh unkind reality into an inside resonating Wirklichkeit. Hopefully this record will also be able to put smiles on your face when your turntable needle says once farewell and goodbuy. Enjoy!
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