artist: STL
title: Symbiotik Chunk Something Vinyl Series 28
price: 9 euro

It's time again to join another Something vinyl release, that comes in various colourful thrilling shades and in full maniac beauty. These STL productions takes you on a trip into the beat flavoured raw sectors of Stephan Laubner's world of sound and is reflecting a life with analog and hardware devices, triggered with luv and honesty and with an entirely beauteous aim. Symbiotik Chunk will cover your mind with an always captivating resonance and will suit well in different modes or emotional states. The extended playing time on SVS28 will gain the insight and is puzzling up the faceted realms of the still and ever fascinating planetary rhythm- and universal electronic Something music language. Take the plunge and dive into the solitary created, and for likeminded ears destined, craftsmanship that has been formed in emphatic ways and in vast signed details. Now grab this lovely Something in order to support and amaze your own senses. Enjoy!
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