artist: STL
title: Akkretionsscheibe Something Vinyl Series 29
price: 9 euro

The time has come for another artful Something Vinyl. Influenced by strong orbital gravity forces, STL aka Stephan Laubner transmits deep and moody generated soundwaves once again from his headquarter place out into the world. These 12 inches are able to maneuver eventful emotional vibrations from out of morphic fields and active surroundings, steep surely and on-target, straight home and interior. With three dimension-bending tracks, this release lifts off and comes in queue with, and on top of the existing vast beauty of the Something catalog - which in abstract channels actually and already can give soulfood possibly forever. SVS29 continues to hold on functional proven techniques and sense-intensities and includes besides genuine new never heard reality checking digs, some well known rare energy loaded twists, remastered today. It shouldn't be unmentioned that this Vinyl comes in limited quantities, and as usual in good shape with an unmistakable drowned tonal aesthetic, that will resonate deep & low till the edge of imagination. With a far visionated flair and an awareness for primary instincts, Something Vinyl Series 29 is taking you through the hatch of space and time in order to make you feel, dance and excite your sweeping senses. Now please enjoy and groove in!
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