artist: Lunatik Sound System
title: Soul Control Something DGT Series 12
external: Online Shop


The Lunatik Sound System project continues: This release contains moving and floating walls of beautyful melancholic waves, aswell as mellow dreamy sound sculptures, which appears slowly and never obtrusive at the horizon. Close your eyes, and this album can function as a very effective soporific drug, or as a smooth relaxed trip to your insides. Dreamscapes. Full of drifting sound shimmers and deep inside emotions. Haunting string layers are painted and mixed into embracing harmonies underneath the warm and soulful synthesized drones. Take a time-out and enjoy this fascinating music. Soul control by Lunatik Sound System is another engaging ambient transmission, which quickly can attract your attention if you are after slow evolving soundscapes. Something dgt series number twelve. Grab yourself one copy!
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