artist: Lunatik Sound System
title: Sounds Like Water 2 Something DGT Series 20
external: Online Shop


Sounds Like Water continues with volume 2. This time with even more nature sounds like rain, ocean, wind, ice, thunderstorm and rainforest sounds. These Phonographics were recorded over the last years at various locations in several techniques and in different seasons. From the rolling sounds of a summer thunderstorm, to crackling icedrops and winter snowfall, to mountain creeks and oceanwaves. The tracks of this album are mixed together into a continuous journey of pure nature sounds. No synthetic sounds or music has been added. All tracks have something in common. Water - in all it´s fascinating and beautyful forms of sound. This release is a relaxing trip into nature with an extended playtime of over 78 minutes. It should be listened on good stereosystems or headphones, to get you to the places where these recordings comes from. Enjoy the sound of water. Enjoy the sound of life!
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