artist: Lunatik Sound System
title: Die Oktober Session Something DGT Series 23
external: Online Shop


Why not releasing an extended playing sound session of experimental tones and living textures. Die oktober session is a live recording of hardware triggered machine madness, speaking to each other. Mixed and processed in a analog surrounding within the Lunatik Sound System - released as number 23 of the something dgt series catalog. This session was prepaired a few days in oktober 2010 before the final recording was done. Synth programmings were made with selfplaying random happenings in mind, and executed just like an orchestra conducted by the touch of the human soul. Listen to this for example as a background recording, as a concentration lifter while reading a good book, as a soundtrack for muted science fiction movies. Whatever use you will find, living scapes and sound creatures will guide you through this exciting journey to somewhere else. This album is continious playing and divided in eight parts each playing ten minutes, giving you much time to get inside and enjoy.
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