artist: Lunatik Sound System
title: Moonlite Stories Something DGT Series 25
external: Online Shop


We all know the moonlite and it´s effect to all beings. It´s part of all life and nature and plays a substantial role in night activities on our planet. Everyone can tell his own personal stories about the attraction of the moon, and these nocturnal transmissions are Lunatik Sound System´s attempt to share a few of them. Like the moonlite this fascinating ambient sounds can have a strong appeal to all quiet minds and listeners of relaxed aural moments. It is like listening to scary wonderful deep going tales, full of fanciful forces and the power to visualize something in your mind´s eye. This album has an extended playing time and never feels the need to rush through the eight songs. While some of them takes you to darker territories, others will send you to beautiful places that only you can achieve in yourself. Let this music embrace you, within colorful clouds it can takes you, to new horizons and beyond. Something DGT Series 25. Grab yourself a copy!
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