artist: Stephan Laubner
title: Unreleased Experimentals 2 Something DGT Series 28
external: Online Shop


Volume 2 of the Unreleased Experimentals from Stephan Laubner comes with 12 tracks ranging from somewhere between cryptic LoFi signals and broken rhythm improvisations to more dub and slowbeat sessions. All tracks have been created in the last few years and the whole album is a nice release worthy sideproduct of the work besides the more known STL project and his lesser known Something releases as Lunatik Sound System or Synthonic Matter. You won´t find anything revolutionary here per se. But this album can give you a deeper inside, plus an enjoyable listening experience, to the artist´s musical works and diy studio jam creations, beyond all that rush and fuss. In this sense, these experimentals don´t feel the need to always function on the dancefloor and are free from any guidelines or (un)written rules. All tracks are now released for the first time - on Something. Time will tell if they get another release in the future on another label aswell. Get them while they´re hot !
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