artist: SmallBroadcasts
title: Outside The Box Something DGT Series 29
external: Online Shop


Outside the Box is Alex Hamadey´s debut release on Something Records under the alias SmallBroadcasts. The focus of this album is to utilize full, linear takes using electronic and acoustic instruments and textures. With the help of modular synthesizers, guitars, violins, samplers, vocals, stomp boxes, analogue keyboards and field recordings ranging from Tokyo to Istanbul, Outside the Box offers sonic diversity for ears that crave a little more than drones from ambient music. With instrumentation aside, the goal is less to create complex soundscapes, instead it´s more about to move the listener down a linear arrangement - where sounds are constantly modulating and randomly happen, while melodic textures begin to evolve within each song. It´s like driving through an overcast night where the perception of objects slowly change shape and form as they approach the driver.
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