artist: Lunatik Sound System
title: Artificial Gravity F. L. Minds Something DGT Series 30
external: Online Shop


Gravity is the force that keeps us on the ground, our planet in the orbit around sun. Without gravity life as we know it could not be possible and would result in a whole different drifting and chaotic universe. This Lunatik Sound System album deals more with the inner human world of forces. Therefore it is meant to be as a help and grounder for bad and fucked up times, that each one of us has to experience. Meditative soundscapes and invading drones can take you to places beyond your imaginational horizons, to a world of sound where everything is clear natural, beautyful and honest. Artificial Gravity For Lost Minds includes electro-classical ambient pieces and spaced out moments, streaming from other dimensions in order to thrill your mind and scratch your soul. Number 30 of the Something DGT Series is a lovely piece of art, waiting for your personal listen in full length now. Enjoy this one - it can be a trip !
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