artist: Lunatik Sound System
title: Cold Season Something DGT Series 31
external: Online Shop


The Cold Season on the northern hemisphere is always a good period to hang out and relax inside, while snow and freeze shapes the landscape and while it gets dark outside quite early. This Album was created in January and February 2013, at a time where everything is a bit laid-back and calm. Lunatik Sound System's approach on these sounds include electro-acoustical haunting string areas and classical orchestra like drones with an experimental touched prettiness. It can have a strong appeal and resonating echo to all listeners and silent minds, in order to drift with zero G into other-worldly territorys when listening in full lenght and with a care for your inner emotions. As always it's not something to skip into. Take your time and enjoy these lovely trippy soundscapes in repose. Soon you will locate yourself deep vibrating at places barely tapped before. Now tune in - Godspeed and bon voyage!
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