artist: Lunatik Sound System
title: And The Spacetime Strangers Something DGT Series 32
external: Online Shop


This Album is a wonderful trip through the strangers of the universe and our perception of it. Spacetime is an odd thing to us humanoids. Assuming that time already excists equally in all forms, it's maybe just an illusion that we move forward in an everlasting timechannel. Instead it's maybe more an effect of the force from Entropy that makes us believe so? So why not taking a break and relax with timebending drones and LSS aesthetic soundscapes, with intend to traverse your mindspace down to your soul. These ambient sounds maneuvering along a nocturnal mood, drifting in dimensions full of shivering beauty and every moment enlightened fidelity. The purpose of this release is to take the listener by the hand and dig together through spherical harmonics at silent hours and laid back moments. Lunatik Sound System and the spacetime strangers. Surely not something to lose and leave out. Check.
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