artist: Drona Orchestry
title: The Quest Of Stillness Something DGT Series 33
external: Online Shop


This Album reflects Drona Orchestry's Quest of Stillness, and is an emotional and yet beautiful relaxing entrance to the world of the artist's mindscape and true transcribed feelings. Here is what Djorvin Clain says about his Album: "For a whole time now I have been digging deep into the art of piano playing and tape recordings. People who followed me the last 12 months will know about my journey. It was to me a deep quest to realize my feelings into the actual sound. I refer to Stillness as the moments here often, moments of a deep state of mind and heart. Everything u hear I play naturally, its self taught and the tracks where all capturings within that specific moment of, to me a special and serene time. In a general way I'd like to describe these 80 minutes of music on the cd as authentic, raw, real and imperfect. As for the piano tracks specific I can say that everything is pure. No midi notes or extra piano layers where added, just my two hands, instrument and the moment within. Of course soundwise there where edits like reverberations, field recordings and the mixing/mastering process. Everything was originally recorded to tape reel to reel. Imperfection, life the last 12 months and most of..personality, is the heart for The Quest Of Stillness. I sincerely hope u like my new album."
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