artist: Lunatik Sound System
title: Black Hole Sun Something DGT Series 34
external: Online Shop


This extended playing soundscape called Black Hole Sun was made with one ear to the microscopic and the other to scientific sound programings receiving data from deep dark space. These transformed signals are floating endless as one big piece subdivided in eight parts, perfect as an effective disconnect and journey to the miracles of our universe. A stellar black hole is the end state of an mass heavy star at least three times bigger as our sun, that has collapsed in a supernova, developed into an exceptional mysterious singularity where not even light has the chance to escape. In the cosmos suns or stars have an important role, giving life as we know it the facility to excist. Lunatik Sound System's approach on this album is laid back, fascinating and hypnotizing while it has the feel of a living creature that hides in a dark secrect place, waiting to be heard by you. Something DGT Series 34 - a trip from outer space coming at ya!
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