artist: Lunatik Sound System
title: Maschinenwelt Something DGT Series 35
external: Online Shop


This extended and subdivided playing soundscape is the reflected wave transmission from Lunatik Sound System's deep pool of machine noises and malfunctioning out of the ordinary synthesizer occurrences that can not be heard everyday. New born worlds of mechanical artificial generated soundforms, coupled with relaxing surroundings makes this LSS album a convenient home visitor for special listening moments and escaping moods. Designed randomness is playing an important part on the complete album, setting these eight areas into an unreal yet natural sounding klang-experience of otherworldly simulated device communications. What you will hear on Something DGT Series 35 is an artful sound creation, that fits perfectly as a background sweetener whenever you feel the need to make the getaway to an uncommon simultaneously beautiful and fascinating safe calm enchanted place. To get the most out of Lunatik Sound System's Maschinenwelt Album, you should listen to these waves in high quality on full scope systems.
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