artist: STL
title: At Disconnected Moments Something DGT Series 36
external: Online Shop


This is the Something version of STL's At Disconnected Moments album. It is available here as a hardcopy or in download shops worldwide. The Album also has got a release on Smallville records as a CD and Vinyl LP. The tracklist differs a bit from each release. On this version here you get all the tracks but not the loops. The musical vibration scale on this release is foggy and echoed with an attractive and sympathetic feel for dubbed out moods. You will get some relaxed beamed soundwaves and hypnotic subbass driven grooves which don't follow any trends or guidelines. It's all about the music on this album, not about fame or hypes. While these dubs slowly evolves over the produced playtime, they will surely screw inside, without forcing you to something. Relaxed but still danceable. Electronic and emotional. Summing up, the Something DGT Series 'At Disconnected Moments' works like the perfect disconnect, whenever you feel for escape and want to dive into lovely nice sound deepenings.
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