artist: Stephan Laubner
title: Harz Wilderness Something DGT Series 37
external: Online Shop


Harz Wilderness is the latest release on Something featuring many recordings out of various nature scenarious from the Harz Mountains area. You will gain inside of some of the nature park's sounds with twelve recordings and a long playing time. On this Album release a huge amount of fieldrecordings were delivered, perfectly to fill two 80 minutes discs. Especially disc two contains fascinating and extended recorded dawn sound-pictures, while disc one feels like an ambiental walkthrough of remarkable beautyful wilder places, authentically captured in varying recording techniques. Something DGT Series 37 is an amazing package of natural flavoured fieldrecordings taken from around the Harz Area, carefully recorded and selected by Stephan Laubner with his outdoor gear. It's the perfect fellow when you feel for relaxing pure nature surroundings at home and whenever you want to please your ears with Something!
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