artist: Lunatik Sound System
title: Dark Planet Something DGT Series 38
external: Online Shop


This album can take you away to unknown places and unheard ecosystems of planetary drone transmissions and ambiental noises. The sounds on Dark Planet are triggering your eardrums in an organic yet natural way, coming from an other-wordly place where everything was captured by Lunatik Sound System within extensive field recording sessions. Manipulated animal noises along with environmental recordings interact together, unfolding a lot of impressive soundscapes that are providing an amazing listening experience. With 159 minutes this release certainly will be an epic trip to all quiet minds and depth travelers who are searching for new horizons and uncommon surroundings. Something DGT Series number 38 bridges the gap between electronic drones and nature recordings on a dark but relaxing and fascinating path that has to be heard primarily in full length and at silent times. Take it as a background sweetener, as an album to dream to, or as a take-off to somewhere. Have a nice trip and enjoy!
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