artist: Stephan Laubner
title: Listening- F. Coast T. Mountain Something DGT Series 39
external: Online Shop


A new ambient and nature album has launched at Something Records. It comes in form perfectly to fill three CDs and is an expansive, epic library of field recordings from northern Germany with an extended playing time of 3:49 hours. Something DGT Series 39 is the perfect companion for creative listening and background sweetening, suitable for anyone who wants to get amazing sounds from multiple natural environments to the ears and into home. These recordings should be listened best on good stereo systems or headphones in best fidelity audio resolution. Everything has been captured with various recording equipment and techniques by Stephan Laubner in 2014 with much love and joy. The album 'Listening from coast to mountain' brings nature soundscapes and ambiences realistically indoor and let the hearer travel to fascinating places full of beauty and sound. Enjoy!
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