artist: Lunatik Sound System
title: Music For The Nocturnal Drift Something DGT Series 40
external: Online Shop


The new Lunatik Sound System album called ' Music For The Nocturnal Drift ' is an expansive and immersive drone affair submitted to you via Something in fine fidelity. The emotional range varies from darker scape-territories to beautyful warm embracings and in between. Each song has been created by Lunatik Sound System's minds eye with full passion and love for the detail and the inconspicuous. This album is an entrancer to the wide LSS horizons of sound and mood. Founded somewhere deep inside, it can be redecoded and enjoyed best at relaxed late nocturnal times and calm personal moments. These tired slow evolving ambientscapes surely can sneak you off to uncommon places and will introduce a haunting and memorable listening and depth-traveling experience. With two and a half hours it can be quite a trip for silent minds and far-out voyagers. Again DGT Series number 40 re-echoes the vast Something language of sound, and is an effective driftage and take off to contemporary yet classic resettled worlds of ambient and drone music. Chime in and enjoy!
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