artist: Stephan Laubner
title: Distanzaufnahmen Something DGT Series 41
external: Online Shop


Distanzaufnahmen Vol1 is a field-recording project brought to life by Stephan Laubner in 2014, where the focus lays on non-obtrusive wide field sensitive environmental recordings. The phonographic recorder works here like a chaos-pendulum, fathoms deep fields and interacts with every detail out there in the surrounding area. This album works perfectly for creative listening and relaxation purposes, whenever you feel for distant all-ear places and when you want to outrange with Something. Most recordings has been made at silent places with care on various lonely mountain spots, where the microphones were aligned to far citys or other interesting or subtle soundsources. Something DGT Series 41 is a nice ambiental work taking you on an every season trip around the Harz mountains quiet more deserted places and beyond common auditory habits. Stay sensitive and enjoy!
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