artist: Lunatik Sound System
title: Telescopes Are Time Machines Something DGT Series 42
external: Online Shop


The latest LSS album consists of five extended and extraterrestrial ambient machinery noisescapes, with an overt and organic twist on played synth and electro acoustical instruments. Telescopes Are Time Machines beams you up into faraway space, beyond any earthtime or daily routines. It's manouvering somewhere in the midst of wonderful sonic odditys and relaxed tones. Soon after boot up it will chime onto otherwordly orbits and gets comfortable within meaningful thrill moments. There never becomes a feeling of hurrying in between of these long and deep striking soundscapes on the complete 80minutes playtime. It's like drifting in other dimensions full of extraordinary bliss and emotions, while weird and foreign sound creatures triggering your eardrums and brain cells natively from external places. DGT Series number 42 by Lunatik Sound System possibly will never become usual and is for sure a ticket and deep lift-off to unkown psychelicious and bleepin' corners of your consciousness. Take the trip!
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