artist: Lunatik Sound System
title: Strange Attractor Something DGT Series 45
external: Online Shop


Strange Attractor is the latest Lunatik Sound System supply of extraordinary machinery noises and malfunctioning ambient soundscapes. The complete album has been created almost solely with modular synthesis in mainly intricate and nocturnal elaborated modes. A few external effect boxes has been used gently in addition, to spice up the modular prevailing moods and to shift patched systems into extraterrestrial auditoriums. What you hear on this strange journey is the abstract of various sound sessions made by Stephan Laubner in the first months with his humble modular-system. Something DGT Series 45 is able to maneuver you into wondrous spaces and maybe beyond a most common rim, straight into an otherwordly fringe area, full of imaginative sound-mnemonics. Within the complete evolving and continuous playing albumtrip, LSS is orbiting somwhere between far out space and a never-usual alien territory, loaded with subtle aural creatures full of life, variety and sound. Please get ready to become a friend of this release - as well as soon get deeply captivated by something.
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