artist: Lunatik Sound System
title: Scientific Modular Noises Something DGT Series 46
external: Online Shop


It's time to take a ride again on your solitary ufo with switched onboard autopilot modes, into otherwordly territoriums. While still having full control over sound perceptions, your personal state soon surrenders in depth catharsis and relaxing but amazed senses. Created in nocturnal and ritually kinds, this Album is feeling organic and alive without being always foreseeable or too predictable. These modular noises has been made with technology reflecting fragments of the human brain. Faraway, it's sometimes like awakening on a forbidden planet including a deep horizon full of varied treated creatures and emotions, triggered by abstract artificial yet intuitive soundevents and invisible electrics. Lunatik Sound System's Scientific Modular Noises manages to take you onto a singularity trip with inescapable gravity and an unbending force of attraction. Something DGT Series 46 is now waiting to land on your deck, in order to pick you up for joining this exceptional and fascinating journey. Enjoy!
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