artist: Lunatik Sound System
title: Degenerated Something DGT Series 47
external: Online Shop


There are strange frequencies orbiting along the horizons. On sds47, LSS is communicating with otherworldly, incidentally generated sounds, which seems to come from spirited alien conversations or by malfunctioning machine networks not far from elsewhere. This degenerated music feels always organic and alive and suits best at moonlight settings, while perceptions can drift far-out ahead under a starless nightsky. Potentially and subtle-mentally it's possible that the listener will be able to cross into concealed inhabitant areas, experiencing out of usual mind conditions and soundly relaxed moments. Lunatik Sound System's approach on this experimental album was to create living soundscapes and chaotic relaxations, whilst bleeping in deep lucid modular patched shapes. Degenerated is a dignified add-on to the Something DGT catalog meant by Lunatik Sound System with full terrifics and honest intentions. Now get the trip and enjoy this spacediving cruise!
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