artist: Stephan Laubner
title: Die Wirklichkeit Ist Schoen Something DGT Series 48
external: Online Shop


In Summer 2016 Stephan Laubner's Nature Series returns on Something DGT 48 with the Album, present-sagenessly entitled 'Die Wirklichkeit Ist Schoen'. On- and destined to, four 80 minutes CDs and with a playing time of 5:19 hours, the field-recording project on Something Records goes onto the next expansive soundvision journey. Again with an enduring authentic image of pure and beautiful nature sounds, as well it has repeatedly turned way away most of those common human noise sources. Theres no fittingly translation for the german word 'Wirklichkeit' in english speech, but words are not the best way to interact with it anyway. A good way to pick up these recordings is, to sit or lay down brainless, relaxed and open - with support of good stereo speakers or headphones in fine fidelity. Soon the doors will be open for constructive and creative listening, yielding in genuine and progessive lovely results of hope, honesty or better reality - within, and around yourself. All of the 20 tracks has been recorded carefully at various places in northern Germany on several nature trips. Mastered and mixed together into a long nature sound package of an celestial aesthetic kind. Now please enjoy this album, stop the talking and use your ears, feelings & senses!
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