artist: Lunatik Sound System
title: Ears Up-Deadly Drones & Muckscapes Something DGT Series 49
external: Online Shop


Lunatik Sound System on a shifted Ambient trip again. Taking charge for substantial matter within late night occurrences and nocturnal-mission, far-out fidelity spots. This music can be the main station for seeking passengers of deep hollowed spacetime surrenders, in order to hallow inner knocked on souldivisions. And to crank out engrained spiritual drafts. Ears Up suits well at gloomy-seasons and can be a sincere attender to elapse through nights of interior shivering intensities. Fucked up Drones and dirty mucked-made songs are taking the reins under moonlight relocations. They will guide you truly until dawn. This longplay journeyed album is made for yearning people and supporter of Wirklichkeits-effective sound approaches, which perhaps turns up after deep lucid serenities and homesome dives. Something DGT Series 49 is now ready to join your world and wants to become a member of your tenurial road map & personal delightments. This release will chum up nicely with light hissing thoughts and a heartful silence. Tune in & Enjoy!
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