artist: Stephan Laubner
title: Harz Wilderness 3 Something DGT Series 53
external: Online Shop


Hello, you are very welcome to join now part 3 of Harz Wilderness, one of the nature series projects by Stephan Laubner on Something Records. This time with an extended playtime of 5 hours and 20 minutes of native and local recorded surroundings. All 24 field-recordings has been made carefully between 2017 to 2019 at various wilder lonely spots within the Harz Mountain nature park area, and places little beyond. Everything here was captured with sensitive outdoor recording equipment at all seasons, then took home where the album was mixed, mastered and put together without any urgency or rush. Night to day soundphotos of beautiful, rich and crisp nature moments were arranged here into an extended tripping journey of sweet relaxing joy - into a long traveling bliss. Use it for creative listening, fresh and easy background sounds - anything in between, or as a personal tool to gain better true reality. It is recommended to playback these naturemade sounds in open-minded moods on trusted stereo speakers, headphones or good known systems. It can be a Wirklichkeits effective meditation helper when used at silent and calm times. Something DGT Series 53 is the long playing continuation of the nature-series on Something to which you hopefully will be able join and hum in. Harz Wilderness 3 is the the next attempt to capture, enjoy and reflect nature with all it's beautiful messages. Enjoy and welcome back!
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