artist: Lunatik Sound System
title: A Small Legacy... Something DGT Series 54
external: Online Shop


Lunatik Sound System is calling believers to join the next secret Something mission now, and again at the end of days. The listening content on this long playing album is deep, dim and comes in a sombre sober vibe and is rechannelling the peaceful created spirits everytime you decide to dial in. Dedicated and suitable for silent minds and calm moments, a small legacy to the bereaved people, is the perfect attender for escaping moods and self-exploring trips. These nocturnal melancholic made sounds are sometimes like watching starlights crossing the nightsky, diving in deeper with every single experience and passing thrill moment. This music could be the soundtrack for the end of the world as you know it. Leaving the ordinary, but reborn in other dimensions and cosmic shapes. Leave what you think to know behind. SomethingDGTSeries54 is the next luvely ambient-plot from Stephan Laubner's vast LSS project and invites all like-minded people to hum in. Bon voyage & see you soon again - in another world!
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