artist: Stephan Laubner
title: Around Zero Something DGT Series 59
external: online shop


The nature series on something continues with a 5 hours field recording album, inspired by the cold season and frosty things within the harz nature park area. Stephan Laubner's latest album 'Around Zero' is trying to reflect the winter-sounds originally happened and captured in 20/21. You can hear things like ice, snowstorms, melting water, icerain and silent surroundings, all recorded in different techniques at some more quiet deserted spots or at lonely nights with common human sound-sources mostly far away. It's a good blend of background environmental aces and creative listening deep-tools. This long playing trip fits perfectly for silent times in your comfort zones and relaxed setups at home. It's a good way to fall asleep to, and comes convenient whenever you need to listen to something undisturbing yet still refreshing and interesting. Then when silent times doesn't mean silence. Something DGT Series 59 is destined to four 80-minutes Discs, your beloved listening folders or personal streaming applications. It should be best listened on headphones, good stereo or surround systems in best quality and trusted methods. Your ears will thank you. Around Zero is trying to re-echo the sounds which nature and weather is creating, when temperature is around, slightly above or way down below zero degrees. You are most welcome now to join this something records release. Get in. Stay sensitive and open hearted!
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