artist: STL
title: Patched Up Noise Something Vinyl Series 30
price: 9 euro

A freshly constructed Something analog disk has landed on planet earth in good faith and with the target to shift emotions, bones and your interiors. Join the overall thrilling tune of this 12" with open ears and it will flow neat-sticky through your ready made receivers directly into intuitive grounds with the purpose to move, amaze and captivate
. The sounds on Stephan Laubner's new Something Vinyl are raining down straight out of deep blue skies. It's unusual approach is coming nice yet mind-boggling and will vibrate your inner corners as soon as you've spotted the musical language within these STL translated rills. Experimental circuits entangled with friendly sick delightful noises are navigating the record grooves of this lovely vinyl from first touchdown, up to the loop driven never-ending eternal endings. It's like a cat-eyed walk with your exclusive night vision goggles in well known districts, deep down to the center or your senses. STL's patched up noise has been machined and operated solely with modular gear plot-wise, and also includes those infamous STL drum momentums and dirty dim trademark touch, that you can find nearly everywhere with his sound sculptures. Something Vinyl Series 30 is ready now to broadcast from your turntables, in order to send out joy & sincere emotions. It will silently knock on your secret shelter with the best & positive intentions. Please grab yourself a copy and enjoy these fresh and exciting new tunes!
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