artist: STL
title: Lost In Musik Something Vinyl Series 31
price: 18 euro

Ignition, Something Records lifts off 'Lost in Musik' by STL aka Stephan Laubner. An album to blow your minds, shake your bodies and touch your souls. On 17 tracks and an extended playing-time, this double vinyl comes in complete album feel, multifarious variations, and in STL's full tonal trademark fit. It will rumble dance-floors the same as moody home listening places. Here we go. STL attends the brains & ears in his magic discrete way with an unstoppable bucket-raining flow of fresh sounds, catching rhythms and aspirating music, like no one else usually does. Soon after joining these vinyl reliefs, you will be under the spellbound and enhexed beauty of these otherworldly beats and tones, which makes you feel all of the sudden, being relocated in other dimensions shrouded in new-born principles of fascinating un-shattered realities. Feel from beyond. Something Vinyl Series 31 works great with special and exceptional. From the sound creations up to the artwork. Everything follows the distinct d-i-y philosophy to what a something-records release is well known for. The Vinyls are coming in limited quantity. So you better be fast catching a copy. Now let the music do the further talking. Enjoy this seldom gem. Take the action and get lost in musik!
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